Anders Petersen (Sweden) – City Diary
Exhibition: BWA (UPPER VENUE), 3 Maja 11
Meeting: AULA, Modrzewskiego 12 – AUTHORS’ MARATHON, 9th October (Saturday) at 8.00. p.m.
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Anders Petersen

He was born 1944 in Stockholm.
In 1961 he stayed for some time in Hamburg in order to learn German and trying to write and paint. He didn’t take any pictures.
Five years later he met Christer Strömholm and became a student at his School of Photography in Stockholm. Strömholm was not just his teacher but also a close friend. Their friendship influenced him for life.
In 1967 he starts photographing a bar called Café Lehmitz in Hamburg. He was photographing there for a period of almost 3 years and in 1970 he had his first solo exhibition over the bar in Café Lehmitz with 350 photographs nailed to the wall.
In 1973 he published his first book “Gröna Lund”, about people in an amusement park in Stockholm. In 1974 he graduated from the Swedish Filmschool, Dramatiska Institutet, in Stockholm. In 1978 he published “Café Lehmitz ” in Germany.
In 1984 the first book in a trilogy about locked institutions was published. The three books were about people in a prison, nursing house, and mental hospital. After photographing the mental hospital for three years he oriented himself towards a more free approach in a kind of diary like photography.

During 2003 and 2004 Anders Petersen was appointed Professor of Photography in the School of Photography and Film at the University of Göteborg, Sweden. He regularly has workshops and exhibitions throughout Europe, Asia and in the USA. He has received numerous grants and rewards since the seventies.
In 2003 Petersen was elected the “Photographer of the Year” by the International Photofestival in Arles.
In 2006 he was shortlisted for the “Deutsche Börse Photography Prize”.
In 2007 he received the “Special Prize of the Jury” for his exhibition “Exaltation of Humanity” by the third International Photofestival in Lianzhou, China.
In 2008 he received the “Dr. Erich Salomon Award” by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie, Germany.
“The Arles Contemporary Book Award for 2009” went to JH Engström and Anders Petersen’s collaborative book “From Back Home” by Max Ström. The book was nominated to “The Best Photographic Book in Sweden, year 2009” and also Winner of Design Bronze Lion in Cannes.
In 2010, he was in the jury for the BMW Prize at Paris Photo.
In 2012, nominated to the Swedish Photo Book Prize in Stockholm for “SOHO”, and PhotoBook of the Year award for ”City Diary”Paris Photo and the Aperture Foundation.
Anders Petersen has his darkroom in Stockholm, Sweden.


“I’m a kind of diary photographer. I try not to take pictures as I see them, but as I feel them. I’m interested in imperfection.”

Anders Petersen has been documenting life beyond the margins of polite society, a world including prostitutes, transvestites, alcoholics, night-time lovers and adult conflict. Petersen photographs his subjects with a candidsomewhat detached eye, and is able to disclose unpleasant realities such as drug abuse with a sense of bewildermentand currency. City Diary is an ambitious series of books showing Petersen’s ongoing photographic engagement with lifein the shadows in cities including Stockholm, Tokyo and St Petersburg. The first three volumes of City Diary appear here together; the others will follow as and when they are ready – just as life unfolds around Petersen on his travels.

In 2012 – PhotoBook of the Year award for ”City Diary”Paris Photo and the Aperture Foundation.


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