Artem Tulchynskyi (Ukraine) – Observation Camera
Exhibition: KSIĄŻNICA BESKIDZKA, ul. Słowackiego 17A
venue available for the disabled

Artem Tulhynskyi

I was born, grew up and live in Nikopol, Ukraine.
In 2009 I received a Master’s degree in Law, having graduated from Institute for the Training of Professional Judges of the Odessa National Law Academy. I used to work as an assistant judge, and now I’m administrating an online News public.
Photography has been my hobby since 2012. I work in various genres, such as picture story, street portrait, and sometimes sceneries.
I’ve been a participant of several national and international photography contests.
I am the finalist of The Miami Street Photography Festival (MSPF) 2019, LensCulture B&W Photography Awards 2019, London Street Photography Festival 2020.Also I was commended by the jury of Sony World Photography Awards 2018.


In my exhibition The Surveillance Camera you can see the shots, making which I was trying to feel the rythm of the street, totally dissolve in the surrounding, to watch it, shoot it on my camera, not interfering with what was happening around. I want my viewers to think outside the box, not limiting themselves with standard questions, like “What did the author mean?” and “Why did he make this shot?”. I want them to stop for a while instead, look at the photos and make up their own conclusions.
I make my photos mostly in my native Nikopol, a small industrial town, located near Kakhovskoe Reservoir.
I love to shoot near the water, close to the town dam and the public beach. Such places fill me with some special energy. When I go out, I never know what picture I will take, I even don’t know if I will take my camera out at all. And this is what I especially love about street photography.


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