Avani Rai (India) – Daily Life
Exhibition: BCK, Słowackiego 27
Meeting: AULA, Modrzewskiego 12 – AUTHORS’ MARATHON, 9th October (Sunday) at 9.30. a.m.
venue available for the disabled

Avani Rai

Based out of Mumbai, India, Avani Rai works as a cameraperson on a number of short fiction and documentary films. Her most recent film: Raghu Rai-An Unframed Portrait, directed and shot by her and co-produced by Arte France, IDFA Bertha Fund premiered at IDFA in z competition in November 2017.

Her photographs have been shown at many individual and collective exhibitions, including the Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow or the Beniaki Museum in Athens. Has received many international awards, his works were published, among others, in National Geographic, The Guardian, TIME and New York Magazine.


As a photographer she has contributed to the Sunday Guardian, Scroll, The Wire and is currently spends most her time in Kashmir, documenting this politically complicated region and its people.


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