8th October 2019, 9.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.

Fee – 180 pln.


FAF Trampoline is the Portfolio Review, thank to whoch you can boost your photographic career.

The meeting the cutrators, press, and galleries is a chance to present your work to the reviewers and have your images published or exhibited later on.

Theme of your work is free.


Attending the Portfolio Review – FAF Trampoline is a very efficient investment you can make in marketing your work. Sitting face-to-face with professionals, who you would not usually find accessible, is priceless.

Gallery owners, curators, editors, photo festival directors, and publishers come to Bielsko-Biała to review your work.

Photographers register for one-on-one meetings with the reviewers.

Each review session lasts for 15 minutes. You have a chance to talk to 4 reviewers.

The number of participants is limited.

You will also have a chance to attend the Opening Ceremony of the FotoArtFestival in Polish Theatre and a party, which is the informal meeting with the reviewers.

To be part of the FAF Trampoline you are asked to send your proposition (10 images) to the e-mail address: (with Trampoline in the name of the message). The mailing submission is free of charge.

The theme is free.

When you are accepted for the Trampoline you should prepare your portfolio according to general rules (good quality prints or a laptop presentation).

You will be notified by an e-mail message whether your work is admitted for the Trampoline during the FotoArtFestival.

The deadline for applying is the 25th September 2021.

To be part of the FAF Trampoline you should pay 180 PLN to the following account (you pay after you are admitted):

Fundacja Centrum Fotografii


PL 49 1020 1390 0000 6702 0139 4865

The organisers of the FotoArtFestival will choose the authors who will have their presentation during the FotoArtFestival in a multimedia form or an exhibition (for the next edition of the festival).

You find an accommodation on your own.

Good luck!


Thomas Licek

Katarzyna Sagatowska

Stephanie Gengotti

Zbigniew Podsiadło

Jolanta Rycerska

Zuzanna Laptikova

Roberto Muffoletto

Anna Wolska

Andrzej Zygmuntowicz

Katarzyna Łata

Witold Jacyków