11th – 27th October 2013, Bielsko-Biała

Biennial of World Photography.


William Ropp (Francja)William Ropp (Francja)William Ropp (Francja)Tomasz Tomaszewski (Polska)Tomasz Tomaszewski (Polska)Tomasz Tomaszewski (Polska)Francesco Zizola (Włochy)Francesco Zizola (Włochy)Francesco Zizola (Włochy)Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt (Belgia)Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt (Belgia)Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt (Belgia)Christian Tagliavini (Szwajcaria)Christian Tagliavini (Szwajcaria)Daria Endresen (Norwegia)Xiao Zhang (Chiny)Xiao Zhang (Chiny)Xiao Zhang (Chiny)Andreas H. Bitesnich (Austria)Andreas H. Bitesnich (Austria)Andreas H. Bitesnich (Austria)Bogdan Zvir (Rosja)Bogdan Zvir (Rosja)Bogdan Zvir (Rosja)Jacob Sobol (Dania)Jacob Sobol (Dania)Jacob Sobol (Dania)Jacob Sobol (Dania)KEVLAR-SOULDaria Endresen (Norwegia)UNTITLED-IIIAndrejs Grants (Łotwa)Andrejs Grants (Łotwa)Andrejs Grants (Łotwa)Pavlos Kozalidis (Grecja)Pavlos Kozalidis (Grecja)Pavlos Kozalidis (Grecja)Jaroslav Kučera (Czechy)Jaroslav Kučera (Czechy)Jaroslav Kučera (Czechy)Raúl Belinchón (Hiszpania)Raúl Belinchón (Hiszpania)Raúl Belinchón (Hiszpania)Ragnar Axelsson (Islandia)Ragnar Axelsson (Islandia)Ragnar Axelsson (Islandia)Joyce Tenneson (USA)Joyce Tenneson (USA)Joyce Tenneson (USA)



“FotoArtFestival is a unique” mix “- it is amazing what the creators of photography from the whole world provide us, through their exhibitions, getting to know – even in some partial, for them events, values ​​culture, way of looking at life and the surrounding world, discussions about themes, life, art, which are constantly happening, spending time together in the presence of elderly people and only after it, in the semi-darkness, and in a vibrant life, when people are fascinated, for the fifth time already such extraordinary events “is it worth it?” everyone has to answer this question.

Without “getting to know”, however, it is difficult to form your own opinion. I recommend choosing FotoArtFestival, because – in my opinion – it is not only a festival of photography, but also a festival of learning – in the world, other people, and yourself. ,, Worth? “:)” – “KADR”

“Congratulations for the amazing festival! Bielsko-Biała at that time a real city of photography and photographers. ” – Katarzyna B.

“Traditionally, once again, I congratulate you on an excellent event! Respect for you! “- Krzysztof W.

“Thank you very much for this festival, actually FESTIVAL! It was wonderful thanks to you, but also thanks to the photos that thanks to you my eyes could see and be filled. – Henryk M.

“I would like to thank you for the amount of work you have put into preparing and conducting the Marathon and of course all the exhibitions, thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in exceptional meetings and verify your understanding of photography in the hope of finding your own way.” – Janek S.

“Once again, I would like to thank you for all the added value of cooperation with you.

– For artistic experience

– For spiritual experiences

– For the atmosphere (As Mr. Tomaszewski said – “Why live worse, if you can live better”).

FotoArtFestival fantastically showed better faces of life 🙂 “- Joanna B.

“Beautiful initiative in our city and country, I think 🙂 Congratulations!” – Maciej S.

“Once again, congratulations on the festival, gigantic work and great results” – Marcin G.

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