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13 – 29 October 2017


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Six Degrees of Copenhagen


JEN JUUL (Denmark)

In place of the traditional word ‘portrait’ to describe his black & white photographs of anonymous strangers, Jens Juul prefers to attach the word “portrayal.” From a semantics perspective it may seem a subtle nuance, but in truth, Juul’s photography is a collective visual statement ‘portraying’ the human condition intertwined at its most vulnerable points of truth. Blunt, almost savage, in their revelations and vulnerability, Juul’s images blur the lines between documentary, environmental portraiture, and fine art references.

Trained as a painter at Billedskolen in Copenhagen and New York Arts Students League, as well as being trained as portrait painter by the Spanish artist Artero Wiismundo, Juul transitioned from painting to pursue formal photographic training at Copenhagen’s Technical College where he graduated from in 2012. Due to this education he acquired a range of technical skills, that are important when you work with a camera and all the related equipment modern photography offers. But he realized it was going to take a different set of skills if he was to accomplish portraying.

“Making a good portrait is not about having the right equipment; it’s about having the right attitude. It’s 98% psychology and 2% artistic skills. What makes me able to take the pictures that I do is not so much the equipment I bring, but my ability – and desire! – to speak, ask questions, and do a lot of listening.”

Jens Juul has exhibited his work in galleries and museums around the world and won serval international awards:

Finalist in the Magnum Photography Awards 2017
Winner of the Annual Press Photo, Danish Press Photographers Assiciation, in the open category 2016
3rd prize in Portraits – Hellerau Photography Award 2016
Grand Prize Winner, International Photographer of the Year. IPOTY 2016
Winner of the Magnum Photography Awards 2016, in the portraiture category
2nd prize in the Sony World Photography Awards 2016 in the sport category
Honorable mention, IPA – person category, 2015
3rd prize in the Sony Photography Award 2015, in the portraiture category
Honorable mention, Editorial – IPOTY 2016, in the sport category
Honorable mention, IPA – portraiture category, 2014
Exellence Award, Black & White Portfolio contest 2014
Winner of the Sony World Photography Awards 2013, In the portraiture category
Finalist in KL International Photoawards 2013, in the portraiture category
Portfolio Contest Winner, Black & White 2013
Honorable Mention, IPA . Portraiture category, 2013
4th palce for the Su-ture 1 st Edition by Gomma 2013
Finalist in Renaissance Photography Prize 2013