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Honorary Patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland

Lech Kaczyński

16th – 31st October 2009, Bielsko-Biała

Outstanding artists from 21 countries around the world (South America, North America, Europe and Asia).
Most of the names are presented in Poland for the first time and only in Bielsko-Biała.
The event of the festival was, as always, the Author’s Marathon, that is meetings with the world’s photography celebrities.


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“Not only the names of artists, but thousands of people who visit galleries and exhibition rooms testify to the rank of FotoArtFestival. This is probably the only event in the world where you can see authors representing almost all continents at one time and place. Each of this year’s exhibitions is different, none has been presented in Poland. The event is a huge organizational effort, special thanks to Inez and Andrzej Baturom. It is thanks to their personal contacts that we host the stars of world photography today. ” – Jacek Krywult, President of the City of Bielsko-Biała

“Participation in FotoArtFestival is a double journey. On the one hand, through photography, we jump from country to country, change continents, and even venture into imaginary lands. At the same time it is a very literal journey through the streets of Bielsko in search of more points on the map of exhibitions and subsequent discoveries and surprises. And this is another attraction of this event. “-” Gazeta Wyborcza “” For the guests of FotoArtFestival, it is a unique opportunity to talk about photography with people who have shaped this art around the world. “-” Gazeta Wyborcza ”

“The Bielsko-Biennale has been removed from the spring festival crowd in the October shadow of autumn evenings and after six years it has been the most-interesting photographic event in Poland. (…) At FotoArtFestival the first lady is Fotografia and everyone refers to her with due respect and humbleness. This humility towards the art of photography makes the audience see more, hear more clearly, with curiosity and openly asks. “- Maja Herzog,” Oko at FotoArtFestiwal ”

“Most of the festival exhibitions will be presented in Poland for the first time and only in Bielsko-Biała. There will be contemporary and long-time photography (originals from museum collections), colorful and black and white, in a wide range of themes: portrait, landscape, documentary, reportage, experiment. Different points of view, varied subject matter, different techniques, but one photograph, one man, one world – they talk about the idea of ​​the festival its creator. “- Bielska Galeria BWA

“During the press conference, the president of the Union of Polish Artists Photographers – Mariusz Wideryński emphasized that the FAF has become the most serious photographic event in this part of Europe (next to Bratislava and Berlin). He congratulated the organizers on their success, reminding them that six years ago, hardly anyone believed in the success of their ideas. In response to his words, Andrzej Baturo said that for years they wanted to make a significant event, now it was the turn of the idea. The organizer emphasized that they are not racing with anyone. They do not want to be the greatest, the best – they just want to show what the world photography looks like. Inez Baturo approaches the FAF personally. He treats it as an original festival in which there are no curators. She is guided by the idea of ​​presenting photographs from different countries and continents,
through which he wants to show different cultural roots. Recall – the festival has no theme, and each country is represented by one creator.

(…) The strength of the Bielsko festival is its original character, which I wrote about at the beginning of my text. Amongst various kinds, often of dubious quality, photographic events with pride calling themselves festivals, FotoArtFestival is a bright and strong point. “-” Fotopolis ”

“There are very few events that would have such an ambitious and rich program. Bielsko-Biała will become one of the most interesting places on the cultural map of the country in the near future. “-” Wprost ”



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“The festival in Bielsko is fantastic. You did a great job when it comes to exhibitions and I really enjoyed the Marathon. I was very interested in what other artists say about photography. And the fact that I could meet them all! For me it was very inspiring – I want to continue working in photography … I am talking about everything about the festival in Poland. I hope that someday I will return to Bielsko. “- Inta Ruka (Latvia)

“Thank you very much. We felt at home. It was a wonderful and enriching experience. “- Joakim Stromholm (Sweden)

“Like a child, without drying out, I keep talking about Bielsko. It was really an honor for me, I felt honored that I had the opportunity to meet so many beautiful, modest and talented people in one place. I will never forget it. “- Jatin Kampani

“Because we were in Bielsko the first time, that’s why we did not see the city altogether. The Author’s Marathon program was so interesting that we were at all meetings and we got amazing creative cheering,
which is definitely enough for a long time. Bravo !!!!! Bravo !!!! Bravo !!!! “- Irena Budzinska (Latvia)

“I’ve never experienced anything similar to what happened last week in Poland. I found real new friends there and everything was just fantastic. great artists,
with whom I am now befriended, warm audience reception, amazing organization, enthusiastic volunteers (also friends already …), great exhibitions! – Giacomo Costa (Italy)

“I would like to thank you for organizing such an amazing event! Congratulations! Your hard and wonderful work in organizing the FotoArtFestival made me never forget this trip. The pledge of the invited artists was impressive and the exhibitions will go down in history. “- Hulleah Tsinahjinnie (USA)

“I do not know if any city in Britain would organize something as high-class, something as exciting as you managed to organize here in Bielsko.” – Charlie Waitie (UK)

“We tend to think that the place we live in is the whole world, while in reality the world looks completely different than we think. That is why the festival in Bielsko is so important, it enables us to communicate, thanks to it we can build bridges between different cultures and get to know each other. “- Jatin Kampani (India)


Mayor of the City of Bielsko-Biała

Jarosław Klimaszewski



Association of Polish Authors ZAiKS

Art Partonage

Union of Polish Artists Photographers


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